Procrastination: Time Management

Topics: Time management, Procrastination, Human behavior Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Have you ever felt time slip through your fingers before you could get a grip on reality? All of a sudden you find yourself in front of a blank paper, without a move planned? Procrastination is one of the most overlooked problems in our country when children are growing up through our education systems. My second grade teacher had me figured out when I she called me a brilliant 7 year old who will always wait until the last minute to accomplish the task at hand. While many of us have those fond memories of missing assignments at early ages up to now- believe it or not procrastination is not something you are born with. It’s all part of your development and your personality plays into it. Asking yourself if you’re just lazy or perhaps lack of motivation or discipline condemned you to an eternal battle with time. Procrastination can be beaten and there are intelligent ways to do so. Everyone’s different but that’s fine- the cure comes in a variety.

Stress is a big issue in procrastination. You may feel so much pressure to accomplish something that your work will ultimately pay the price. Benjamin Franklin suggested that you should split your time of the day into 1/3 work 1/3 rest and 1/3 play. Doing so will keep your brain in the best shape when it’s time to work, and you’ll feel relieved that you can still do the things you love and get a night’s sleep aswell. You should think of your brain as your best friend. To keep your stress levels down your brain will actually procrastinate! By following the 1/3 method your brain will allow you to work and for that work to flourish.

We often allow ourselves to become overwhelmed. That’s the next big issue for procrastinators worldwide. There’s often too many things on our plate as we tend to have crazy schedules. By reviewing your to do list and dropping the unnecessary tasks you’d be surprised to see your work time prosper. The best people in many work fields will finish their work with time for vacations or...
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