Research Strategy

Topics: Procrastination, Start, Management Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: September 24, 2014
Research Strategy Paper
The problem I would like to resolve in my daily life is procrastination. I am a chronic procrastinator and I seem to look for inventive ways to avoid completing some tasks. The practice of procrastination has been the cause of an abundance of stress that is unnecessary. For example, I was having difficulty starting this paper but had a plan to start as soon as I returned home from the store. I ran into a friend while shopping, and found myself in a conversation for quite some time. Rather than explaining to my friend that I had a paper due and needed to keep to my schedule, I extended the conversation in order to put off the task. In the past, I have tried many ways to resolve this problem. I make lists of tasks and use different tools to keep myself organized. This does not seem to be a time management problem. I am extremely organized and plan my time well in many cases and for most tasks. I need to identify what causes my procrastination. I will need to research the possible causes of procrastination and find out which one of these causes fits me. I will need to identify different methods to resolve the problem. During my research, I will obtain information from the internet, through conversations with friends, and may need to have a conversation with my doctor depending what I may identify as a possible cause. Once I complete my research and have the information I believe I need, I will begin to analyze the information. The information will be sorted into categories so that I can look at the information in smaller pieces. As the information is analyzed, I will be looking for characteristics in the information as it relates to me. I will consider the sources of the information in order to determine if it is fact or opinion. I will take into account how the resolution will affect me. Does it affect any other areas in my life in a negative way.
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