Process Analysis

Topics: Foot, Stunt, Left-wing politics Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: April 5, 2013
I have honestly have no idea what process to write about.
I do not know if I want to write how to do the process or how the thing works How to stay sober on a Saturday night might be a possibility. How ice cream is made.
How to take a picture with an Iphone.
How to use facebook.
How to swing a softball bat.
How to stunt correctly in cheerleading.*****

I really like the process on how to do a one-legged stunt correctly in cheerleading. You have to write about the safety precautions.
The correct way to hold the foot during the load in.
The correct way to load into the stunt.
The correct way to approach the stunt as it is rising.
The correct way to hold the stunt in the air.
The multiple ways to dismount a one-legged stunt. (J-down, Bump back to load in position, regular cradle, and twist cradle.) The right way to set out the flyer.
* Safety:
* Every time a mount is put in the air, always have four-corner spotting. * Start out at easy stunts and work your way up to the elite stunts * Listen to coaches when telling you what stunts you are ready for * Holding:

* A one-legged stunt can be hard to get used to holding it properly * There are usually 4 ppl associated with a one-legged stunt * The Flyer
* The 2 Bases (Primary and Secondary)
* The backspot
* The Primary Base
* Grabs the flyers foot as the flyer raises it, puts their front hand on the ball of the foot and the back hand on the heel of the foot. * The Secondary Base:
* Lets the primary base get situated
* Takes their back hand and puts it in between the primary’s hands with the thumb facing backwards. * Takes their front hand and cups the top of the foot with their thumbs meeting right in front of the ankle using their thumbs to brace the ankle while in the stunt. * The Backspot:

* Places their right or left hand on the ankle(depending on which leg the...
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