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Patria Johnson
Dr. Arina Bokas
English 102-13
What’s the Harm in Technology Today?
Growing up as a kid, you only wanted toys and sweets. Today, kids, young adults, and teens alike all want the same thing: gadgets. New techno toys to play with like touch screen computers, IPads, and an Xbox 360 with Kinect. The first computer ever made was in 1949, introduced by John W. Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, as the ENIAC- Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer; it was intended to support the U.S. military’s ambitions during World War 2. In 1987, Apple started its tablet project which eventually released in 1993, the Apple Newton. These gadgets and toys are useful in so many different ways but also have been misused and abused by the children and teens of our century, which in turn has become the norm of today. Facebook, sex-ting, sexually explicit photos and videos, and violent video games like Assassin’s Creed 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are all used by the very gadgets we buy for our children and young adults each year and is becoming more and more of a problem that no one is bringing to light to fix. Not only are the children suffering from the misuse of these technologies, but the parents, teachers, and innocent everyday people are becoming victims to others using computers, video games, and cell phones the wrong way. Technology today has advanced far better than what we’d hoped for back in the 1900s’, but it has also developed dangers that have corrupt values and standards concerning our young adults that needs to be changed.

Since the introduction of the computer in 1949, their development has progressed to the point where you don’t even need a keyboard just to type. People have grown businesses, taught the youth, and connected with family and friends using computers and devices like it. But the problem lies with how people are using computers today and how it affects others. According to recent studies, 20% of all page views on the web are on Facebook. Young adults between the ages of 10-17 are rapidly becoming exposed to sexually explicit obscenities on websites like Facebook, and become introduced to strangers, sexual predators, etc. According to a survey on Teens and Technology, out of 1,280 teens, 1 out of 5 will or have already taken and sent sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves or others over the internet.

I was introduced into these dangers at an early age just because it was what my friends were doing at the time. Using the computer almost every day doing things I know my parents definitely would not approve of. Back in 2008, I created a Facebook page using the wrong age, setting up pictures that I normally wouldn’t take, and basically being someone that wasn’t me, I entitled myself to the very predators that parents warn you about. Talking to older men, becoming friends with people I did not know, giving away information like where I lived and what school I attended. It certainly got to the point where one gentleman I was conversing with wanted to meet me, replying with sexual comments. Afraid he would come to my school, I told my parents. Luckily, the situation was handled but it left an impression on me and my views of how wisely I should spend my time over the internet. My parents suffered from my actions because it took away their peace of mind, made them worry about my wellbeing more than they would on a daily basis, and put myself at risk. To this day I still advise my younger siblings and relatives to avoid the misuse of computers and websites that could become much more than a danger to just themselves.

Another reason why technology has become such a major problem is what we subject our children to from the video games we buy for Christmas, birthdays, and any other special occasions. (Permalink) The Xbox 360 was first introduced in 2005 and today, according to Microsoft’s Q1 2012 earnings report, over 70 million consoles have been sold worldwide. Currently...

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