Problem Solving and Help Desk

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IST120 Midterm Study Guide

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

F 1. Today, the help desk is primarily considered a stepping stone to other professions.

F 2. A support center typically has a smaller scope of responsibility than a help desk so it can provide more thorough service.

F 3. It is standard practice on most help desks not to log easy-to-solve or common complaints.

T 4. Monitoring is when a supervisor or team leader listens to a live or recorded call or sits beside an analyst to measure the quality of the call.

F 5. A caring attitude refers to the help desk’s ability to be available when customers need help and make it easy for customers to obtain help.

F 6. Help desk analysts use verbal skills to communicate with customers; they do not use nonverbal skills.

T 7. When diagnosing a customer’s problem, it is important to determine his skill level so you know how to respond and proceed when solving the problem.

T 8. Sometimes not asking questions is actually a component of providing good customer service.

F 9. When speaking to customers, you should always use your normal rate of speech.

F 10. Empathy is one of the 3 critical factors discussed in this chapter that makes up your tone of voice.

F 11. E-mail and Internet support services are expected to increase considerably in the coming years; therefore, the telephone’s role will be much reduced, if used at all.

T 12. If a customer leaves a message for a help desk analyst, the analyst should return the call, even if only to let the customer know that the call was received and logged, and that it is being handled.

F 13. When helping a customer over the phone, you should always let the customer ask the first question, so he knows you are willing to listen.

F 14. A workaround is considered the final resolution to a problem; once it is implemented, and the customer is happy, the call should be closed.

T 15. If a manager is going to evaluate an analyst’s handling of a call, the analyst should be provided with a checklist of what constitutes a successful call, prior to being evaluated.

F 16. Good writing skills are no more important for help desk analysts today than they were ten years ago.

T 17. IM is rapidly surpassing e-mail as a preferred method of communication in the business world.

F 18. When entering data into text fields in a problem management system, standard terms for words are not necessary. As long as you use synonyms, other analysts will understand what you mean.

F 19. A good solution should describe things to attempt when diagnosing problems or responding to inquiries.

T 20. Since readers want to acquire information quickly, numbered sequences or lists arranged in a logical order work well.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21. What is a help desk?
a. A group of people who resolve problems.
b. A phone line used by people who need technical support.
c. A single point of contact within a company for managing problems and requests and for providing solution-oriented support services. d. A place where telephone calls are made, or received, in high volume.

22. Which type of support includes services that help a customer understand and benefit from a product’s capabilities by answering questions, solving problems, and providing training? a. customer support

b. product support
c. technical support
d. training support

23. Which task involves using tools to observe and control network performance to prevent and minimize the impact of problems? a. network controlc. network maintenance
b. network administrationd. network monitoring

24. Network and system administration involves _____.
a. setting up and maintaining user accounts.
b. ensuring that the data the company collects is secure.
c. performing e-mail and database management.
d. All of the above

25. What is the the most...
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