Problem Of Teenagers Using Electronic D

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Problem of Teenagers using electronic devices in school
             Nowadays teenagers and children are using cell phones at a younger age than any previous generation. The most problem is they do not having attention in their class and teacher. They do playing video games, researching on the phones, and text messaging with their friends while the teacher is talking and teaching. So, teachers say such items that electronic devices: phone, tablet and I-pod can disturb their students study during classes. Also, the students often have trouble focusing in class. In this article “Hang it up” written by Jesse Scaccia, the author has entrenched herself into immovable opposition to use cellphone during class. The author said that this is one of students fail. I agree with author’s opinion. The electronic devices can disturb student’s ability to study and concentrate              Teenagers easily assimilated into the new culture that they do everything using their cell phone. The cell phone which is electronic device can get any information all the time and check anytime, anywhere. Also it can check the weather, messages, and emails whenever they want. This shows that cell phone addiction among teenagers is serious. As a result they rely on their phone a lot. In my case, when I was in high school, I addicted to using cell phone. I was texting with my friend who is took the same class, while the teacher was taking. We thought this is cool and interested. So, we did not attention class and what teacher said. As a result, we fail the class.  However, this is not one of problems that we failed. There is another reason here. The electronic device makes us stupid and lazy. When teacher gave us homework or write an essay, we just searched on the internet. We did not try to write our own word or idea. These days we rely heavily on cell phone to organize our work. Also, it distract from human intelligence by becoming too reliant on electronic device. Many teenagers use the...
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