Students Should Not Be Allowed to Bring Handphones to School

Topics: Education, Learning, Student Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: February 23, 2014
STUDENTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BRING HAND PHONES TO SCHOOL In this modern era, hand phones have already been the usual needs in our daily life. Hand phones are created to make human communication easier. Besides, hand phones nowadays are equipped with a number of useful features to improve our knowledge and social life or to entertain certain people with its multimedia functions. In my opinion, this kind of technology has its disadvantages for students if they bring it to school. Then, what are the negative impacts for their learning process? As we know, hand phones have many multimedia functions, such as music and video player, games, and also internet connections. In fact, students become addicted to play games simultaneously while studying at school. Some of them also chat with their friends on Blackberry Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. They are more interested in reading what happened outside on Twitter or Facebook than listening to their teacher explaining how the world works. There are also some students who share inappropriate contents to their friends. These will bring down their concentration and mental development. Of course those negative things will affect their school and social life. When the students are studying at school, they are easily engaged with the received calls and SMS from their friends. Hand phones are also several scientific functions like calculator and converter, but students become dependent on these features. If they have to calculate mathematics and physics formulas, they just use their hand phones to get the answers. If they do this continuously, their intelligence development will be delayed. Even worse, some students who are afraid of failure in examination will use their hand phones to find the answers on the internet and share the answers to their friends. It is caused by the wrong conception of using hand phones. By using every “useful” feature on their hand phones, students tend to be lazy, so that they will forget their...

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