Problem of Teamwork

Topics: Project team, Communication, Team Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: October 14, 2012
From classwork to housework, we cling to teamwork. It is no doubt that a number of our daily tasks can be finished successfully, on condition that we work with others as a group. As expected, some strongly advocate group work, as this would save time effectively and loads of ideas can be combined together, which are only some of the advantages. Some others oppose the drawbacks of teamwork overweight the benefits, for example, it triggers conflicts and quarrels between group mates. In the following, I would examine the foremost problem. I then go on to provide a manner to target it.

Very often, insufficient and ineffective communication induces disputes within the team, which results in demolishing the harmony and morale between teammates. Once this happens, no matter how intelligent or hard-working your teammates are, it is all in vain. As trust and unanimity are by no means cultivated with each other, the arguments generated would incessantly disturb and slow down the working process of the whole group. For instance, when some of your teammates start to work on the last stage of the project, yet, others mistrust and doubt the works done by those people and ask to redo the previous tasks. This would dwindle the team efficiency. What is more, from the aspect of decision making, rarely can agreements be achieved inside the team. As a consequence, the best conclusion will never be made even though lots of group meetings are held. Furthermore, the team needs to pay for the costs of the inefficiency. Not only team members wastes their time, but also wastes their money involved in the team project. For other non-monetary cost, it must be the efforts paid by all teammates.

One of the preeminent manners to eliminate the problem is to fortify the communication and understanding between each group member. We should not limit our ways to communicate with each other by the internet. An interesting phenomenon is found in recent years, which is that people only...
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