Problem in Employee Absenteeism and Concentration to the Workplace.

Topics: Management, Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 5 (1462 words) Published: August 8, 2010
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Problem in employee absenteeism and concentration to the workplace. Introduction:
This report is based on small business organization which contains all kinds of crockery items. There are seven people works in the large shop (one manager and six sales people). On the busy hour some of sales person are missing in a regular basis and also some of staff can not able to mange customer needs though shop got s lots of verity in products. Staffs go for smoke or tea without asking manager and most of the staffs are not concentrate to their work. Reasons behind these problems are: * All staffs come on at 8:30am for start work and finished their work at 8:00pm. In this time they only got 30 minutes lunch break. * In this time they feel tired for long work period without any break, for this reason they cannot able to talk with the customer properly. * Most of the staffs do not like manager behaviour, staffs and manager tends to do work individually in the work place.

Impact of these problems creates a huge decrease in sales inside shop rather than previous year, and it create a huge loss for the business organization.

Aim of this report is to find out all leading and managing problems in side my shop, use proper theories and materials for solving those problem and make my shop profitable for future, and also motivate my staffs for be effective sales person and also create an effective team.

Discussion and brief analysis to resolve the issues:

The shop cantered in a heart of a small town. Inside shop there is manager who manages all the staff and owner act as a leader in the business organization. The manager is recently recruited for organization. By character manager is a theory X manager (David Buchanan 2004)(according McGregor theory X manager) according to his behaviour he does not able to motivate all the staffs and staffs always complaint about manager to the leader, leadership style is Authoritarian, manager makes all decision with close supervision of the leader as (coal 1996) staffs cannot participates any decision making process and there is some conflict inside the organization between informal groups of Hindu and Muslim staffs. This reason creates a great problem for building an appropriate team. Staffs cannot concentrate in the work place; they are waiting for each other to complete the task. In this report analyze the problem and made an appropriate solution by following modules and text books (Management theory and practice by GA Cole 1997, Developing management Skills by David Whitten Kim) To motivate means to use available methods or resources to persuade someone to work harder or excel at what he or she does. If successfully done, it is a means of enhancing the success of our overall business.

The current day and age is suddenly very concerned with staff management, and it has become a very big issue in the workplace. Motivation is probably the most important factor of the whole concept of management. Motivation can be explored from three distinct but related perspectives, these are goals, decisions, and influence (David Buchanan 2004).In the shop manager is newly appointed he is not motivated towards the goal and for this reason he cannot able to motivate all staffs and also manager is a theory X manager according to McGregor theory. Manager has no ambition for achieve the goal, wants no responsibility, and would rather follow than lead. Dislikes work responsibility and attempts to avoid it. For that reason staffs have lack of faith in their own abilities, feel uncomfortable in the workplace (coal 1996) .Maslow’s hierarchy of needs suggest that staffs have lacking in physiological needs and self esteem needs. These create a great impact in business since last year and sales going down day by day. For increasing performance of manager and staffs, Maier (1973) and Lawler (1973) suggest that ability should be multiplied with motivation.

There are many...
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