Pro's of Why Sex Education Should Be Taught in Schools

Topics: Sex education, Sexual intercourse, Birth control Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Should Sex Education be taught in Schools?

One of the main purposes for comprehensive sex education to be taught in schools is because it brings about awareness. Many teens are misinformed about sex through various resources so they mis-inform friends and the trend continues which results to teen pregnancy. Comprehensive sex education that is effective starts early, prior to children reaching puberty, and before they have developed patterns of acting out sexual behaviors. Parents of children would be informed of sex education materials being taught to their children so, school and parent may be on one accord. Children who schools teach sex education would be more informed about sex than of those who have no sex education. Sex education is a necessity that caters to inform, prevent, and provide all aspects of sex. Some advantages of having comprehensive sex education taught in schools are to create knowledge and wisdom in children in order for them to make the best choice after being educated about sex. Some children will experience peer pressures some point in their life about sexual activity but due to their previous leaning experience they will be equipped to make positive informed decisions. Another advantage is that children would receive facts from a qualified instructor. Having comprehensive sex education taught in school is a benefit because it’s conveniently located in the children’s daily learning environment. The pro’s of sex education in schools is that children would have the opportunity to be taught facts about sexual orientation, abstinence, and safe sex rather it’s elementary, middle or high school. While kids are being taught health or biology, sex education could be incorporated in their learning process or as a separate entity. Sexual health services would be an effective resource at their beckon call that would network with schools to assist with teen’s safe sex needs. Also, children would learn about sex and its ramifications. But they...
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