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Prize Giving Ceremony – Announcing Procedures

It is recommended to have a good announcer (speaking in English) who can announce the teams and presentations as they are happening. The announcements might be translated to the local language.

It is furthermore recommended to have two people making the presentation (not including a host/hostess who will hold the award until the time for the VIP to make the presentation), this allows more VIP’s to be involved and also speeds up the process for the players to receive their awards.

Before the Final: A table with the EHF Winner’s Trophy enters the pitch and will be in front of the teams lined up in the middle. Anthems are played while Teams are facing the Trophy (Nations Tournaments)

Table with EHF Winner’s Trophy carried again out of the pitch

Match starts

End of the match– NO SPECTATORS ON THE PITCH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Accredited Photographers remain on the pitch but stay in the designated area. (always good to advise photographers in advance in the Media Centre of the procedures)

SPEAKER: (all speaker announcements marked in RED, here showed only in English but might be translated to the local language)

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please stay with us for the Eurohockey Prize Giving Ceremony that is going to take place in a few minutes”
“ The EHF Representative ____________ (name and title) will show the Trophy to the winner of the EuroHockey ___________________(title of the Tournament) The EHF representative highest in rank could enter from the centre of the field and go immediately to the winner near the bench to show them the Trophy. In this moment the team is not allowed to run around the field with the Trophy because it needs to be brought back to the prize giving table. (Top Tournaments only) “

In the meantime staff will set up the podia and bring in the table with the prizes.

EHF representative walks back to the entrance of the pitch

All Authorities prepare to enter the pitch, followed by the Technical Officials, Umpires and Volunteers, Organizing Staff and Ball patrons. Ready to applause the entering teams.

After this teams are invited to attend the ceremony on the pitch, invited by the speaker in the order of final ranking. The procedure of entrance to the pitch will have been previously announced to the teams, as well as the required dress code (see 2011 Eurohockey Prize Giving Ceremonies)

Each team should follow its own sign (for example ball boy with name of the team), except for the two finalists that are already on the pitch.

The speaker starts to announce the beginning of the prize giving ceremony

“ We will now proceed with the Prize Giving Ceremony of the ¬¬_______(year) EuroHockey _______________________________ (title of the Tournament)”

“I would like to invite all Authorities and Technical Officials, Umpires and Volunteers, Organizing Staff and Ball Patrons to enter the pitch, and welcome the entering teams with applause”.

(Example for an 8-teams tournament, to be adjusted according to the nr. of teams participating: )

“All the participating teams are now invited to enter the pitch following their sign.”

“Please applause for the team of ________ranked number_8_” “Please applause for the team of ________ranked number_7_” “Please applause for the team of ________ranked number_6_” “Please applause for the team of ________ranked number_5_” “Please applause for the team of ________ranked number_4_” “Please applause for the team of ________ranked number_3_”

“Now we invite the two finalists ____________and _________to join the other teams and line up”

Everyone is on the pitch now and ready for the start of the ceremony

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now going to start with the Presentation of Awards of the ___(Year/Sponsor) EuroHockey _____________________(name of the tournament)”

Moment for words of thanks (eg. host club, volunteers, ball patrols, tournament...
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