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Elements of competence

Support individuals to identify their recreational interests and preferences HSC210.2
Encourage and support individuals to participate in recreational activities HSC210.3
Encourage and support individuals to review the value of the recreational activities

About this Unit
For this Unit you need to support individuals to access and participate in recreational activities.

The scope is here to give you guidance on possible areas to be covered in this Unit. The terms in this section give you a list of options linked with items in the performance criteria. You need to provide evidence for any option related to your work area.

Communicate using the individual’s preferred spoken language, the use of signs, symbols, pictures, writing, objects of reference, communication passports; other non verbal forms of communication; human and technological aids to communication.

Key people: family; friends; carers; others with whom the individual has a supportive relationship.

Your knowledge and understanding will be specifically related to legal requirements and codes of practice applicable to your job; your work activities; the job you are doing (eg domiciliary, residential care, hospital settings) and the individuals you are working with.

Values underpinning the whole of the Unit
The values underpinning this unit have been derived from the key purpose statement1, the statement of expectations from carers and people receiving services, relevant service standards and codes of practice for health and social care in the four UK countries. They can be found in the principles of care unit HSC24. To achieve this Unit you must demonstrate that you have applied the principles of care outlined in unit HSC24 in your practice and through your knowledge.

Evidence Requirements for the Unit
It is essential that you adhere to the Evidence Requirements for this Unit – please see details overleaf.

SPECIFIC Evidence Requirements for this unit –
Simulation is NOT permitted for any part of this unit.
The following forms of evidence ARE mandatory:
Direct observation: Your assessor/expert witness must observe you in real work activities which provide evidence for some of the performance criteria for all three elements in this unit. It should be straightforward to observe practice for this Unit Reflective accounts/professional discussion: These will be a description of your practice with individuals about how you supported and encouraged them in recreational activities, mindful of choice and the importance of evaluation Competence of performance and knowledge could also be demonstrated using a variety of evidence from the following: Questioning/professional discussion: may be used to provide evidence of knowledge, legislation, policies and procedures which cannot be fully evidenced through direct observation or reflective accounts. In addition the assessor/expert witness may also ask questions to clarify aspects of your practice. Expert Witness: A designated expert witness may provide direct observation of practice, questioning, professional discussion and feedback on reflective accounts to provide evidence of specialist skills. Witness testimony: can be a confirmation or authentication of the activities described in your evidence which your assessor has not seen. This could be provided by a work colleague or service user. Products – Suggestions:- Records you have completed for individuals detailing their desire or need for recreational activities. Organisational policy and procedures in relation to risks when undertaking recreational activities. These do not need to be included in your portfolio however they will form the basis of discussion with your assessor and need to be available for the IV to authenticate.

Prior to commencing this unit you should agree and complete an assessment plan with your assessor which details the assessment...
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