Prison Term Policy

Topics: Crime, Theft, Robbery Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper

Darrell Cook

Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper
In the criminal justice field, laws has been set and made to ensure the safety and the protection of the citizen of today. When criminals commit a crime they will be punish and will be prosecuted under the law of the crime that they have committed. When it comes to police policy, it is written to assist the courts in the sentencing, depending on the type of crime that was made. Every year the prison policies are changed, criminals that are convicted of a crime may face a longer sentence than a person that is currently in prison for the same crime, because of the prison policies have changed. Therefore, the prison policy for convicted felonies is being reviewed by the state legislature and must be voted on, so that the bill can be passed. As a criminologist, I have done my research on arm robberies and robberies occurs when someone property is taken by force; meaning when an armed robbery is using some type of weapon to take possession of something from someone. According to my research, Armed Robberies isn’t just taking something from someone that doesn’t belong to you; its more than that, it’s a violent offense when someone is using a firearm or some other type of weapon. When a weapon is including in an arm robbery, it is viewed a more seriousness crime, even when a person is using a fake weapon they still will be charged as an armed robbery. So in my opinion, my recommendation would be to double the maximum prison term for repeat offenders. As first time offenders I don’t believed it should be double max prison term, because in today society you have young teens that are committing arm robberies. When it comes to the young teens, there has to be a question to why they are committing such felony like this. The teens of today are committing these crimes because they are trying to keep up with the latest foot wear and...
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