Prison Sex

Topics: Criminal justice, Prison, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Sexual coercion in prison is a more polite way of saying prison rape or pressure to have sex and giving into the pressure. Prison sex is a topic not many, like to touch on. However it is estimated that thousands of men, mostly young, or incapable of defending themselves have been coerced into performing sexual acts in prison. Another less talked about topic, or less understood is the primal need for companionship.

Homosexual activity happens in prisons through out the world and through out history. Sex-segregated populations are the procuring cause for homosexuality in these type settings. Being forced into an environment where they only people around are the same sex, does not excuse rape or intimidation tactics. Also the health and well being of inmates is at risk with not only the rape itself but also the transfer of STD’s such as HIV.

The advent of longer sentences and the growing number of criminals going to prison has brought about special inmate populations, such as the young, elderly and mentally ill. Is it necessary to hold the elderly after a certain age? The cost of housing these individuals and administering their declining health is only the tip of the iceberg. Other issues are making accommodations such as, reorganizing the prisons to hold the elderly segregated from the rest of the population. The elderly are more susceptible to injury, cannot walk up and down stairs and ladder wells, and in some cases may need special attention in regards to some very ordinary daily tasks.

Young offenders imprisoned with criminals, is a plan for disaster. But what’s the alternative? Young offenders are growing at an alarming rate. When they enter the prison population they invariably will pick up more bad habits and seek out mentors or role models. Possibly affiliate with a gang or group for protection. How is this going to rehabilitate? Mentally ill inmates pose a threat both to the other inmates and they also are a tax burden. They need...
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