Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care

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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care
Different types of abuse that could happen to an individual:
Physical abuse is a form of bodily contact intended to cause some type of feeling and harm. Signs of this may be punching, hitting, kicking, scratching or slapping.
Sexual abuse is when is when a form of sexual activity is forced upon a person, without any consent given. Signs of this could be unexplained bleeding from the genital area or S.T.I. Bruising around the breasts.
Emotional/psychological abuse is when you are possibly being threatened or actions that may cause mental harm. Signs of this could be mood change, depression due to someone being constantly put down.
Financial abuse is when someone is using your personal money unauthorised. Signs of this could be when someone does not have any money for food or clothes. Also when valuable items disappear unexplained.
Institutional abuse is when an organisation fails to provide adequate and professional care to someone who is vulnerable. Signs of this could be when the individual has lack of choice. Also they may be dirty due to inadequate care
Self neglect i when an individual fails to attend to their personal needs. This is a behavioural condition. Signs of this maybe when someone losses weight due to not eating. Failing to take medication.
Neglect by others is when someone else is responsible for providing care for the individual and fails too. Signs of this could be when someone has bedsores that are not being seen too. Medication not being ordered in correctly and the service user going without.
Factors that may contribute to someone being more vulnerable to abuse are if the staffs are not trained to correct standards. Also if the service user suffered abuse as a child then they are likely to experience it much worse as an adult. People with low self esteem and no sense of self worth are vulnerable also those with health issue such as dementia or a physical disability.

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