Principles of Management Assignment

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Principles of Management Assignment

Management vs. Leadership
All four managers agreed that there was a difference between managing and leading, which means there is no gap. They all defined managing as process, procedures, task focused and results; compared to leading, which was focus on developing people. The positive benefit is it helps implement new processes the within the Contact Centre at MPI because all levels of management have a clear understanding that leading is people development and managing is a task focus. Key to Staff Motivation

The key to staff motivation is similar with all four managers; therefore, no real gaps exist. They all agreed that recognizing individual difference, matching people to jobs, what builds up that employee, asking for staff opinions, being part of the solution and inspire them to buy in to the organization plan. The positive benefit to the Contact Centre is making people feel they are part of the solution. In addition, what they do makes the Contact Centre successful. Management are able to outline the expectation and make everyone accountable for his or her actions. As the managers understand the key to motivate staff, it will help when implementing new procedures and having staffed involved in the implementation at the beginning stages with the Contact Centre. Opinion on Expedition

The most efficient way of getting people to do things, for all four managers was to communicate expectations and the understanding of why it is important to complete the request. There was no gap with each level of management, starting from the supervisor, to assistant managers and the department manager. They all agreed that providing direction, communicating, understanding and giving guidance to employees on completing the task. This would be a positive benefit to the managers because they will have staff to perform the daily tasks needed to run a contact centre. As all managers, do not use one specific type of motivation...
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