Conflicts in the workplace

Topics: Resolution, Decision making, Display resolution Pages: 3 (629 words) Published: October 7, 2014
For this project, I will be writing about the various ways in resolving personality conflicts in an organization. There are conflicts which deal with personalities, discrimination and leadership. These are common situations to any organization. At my company, a conflict arises due to the mere fact that one believes the research of a Teflon product made by Boston Science Guys Corporation is stronger than the other Teflon product made by Johnson & Joe, Inc. Here are two heated employees in a debate that one knows more about a Teflon manufactured product than the other. This situation will need to have a neutral person involved to view the differences regarding the disagreement which creates a conflict of interest of the organization. That is where I step in when a situation arises. In order for me to facilitate all individuals involved, the cooperation from all will be needed. During this process, a meeting will be schedule and conducted to have both employees describe the escalated debate of something that could have been handled in a better way by both employees. If there is any sense of unwillingness, an appointed manager or supervisor of that particular department will be the person to defuse the situation in order to resolve the conflict. My input will be valued in order to move forward with an objective of what the goals of this organization needs in resolving any conflict that arises from any situation. My consultation will consist of objectives, procedures, collaboration, training, and solutions. An outline of my project is as follows:

Implement a system where the success of everyone in a workplace setting will require weekly meetings addressing issues of concern. •To provide a professional and fun atmosphere for the motivation and continued success of a business. •Find positive ideas to keep employees motivation and pass to their peers and/or co-workers. •Focus on areas where conflict is at a...

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