Prince of Eygpt

Topics: Moses, Ramesses II, Ancient Egypt Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Prince Of Egypt

The biblical story of Exodus was put into cartoon form and released as one of the most epic animated films. The 1998 film, Prince of Egypt, tells the story of Moses releasing the Jews from Egyptian slavery under the hand of the evil pharaoh Rameses. The story revolves around these two close brothers, Moses and Rameses. While Rameses is groomed to take over the land, his beloved brother Moses is a carefree prankster, until he learns the true secret of his past. His secret, of course, is that he is really a Jew and as a child was floated down the river to escape mass genocide. The pharaoh Seti raised Moses as his son. Upon learning the truth of his past from a burning bush, Moses returns to Egypt with God on his side and demands that the pharaoh (now his brother Rameses) must "Let my people go." Moses is the ‘brother’ of the Pharaoh and his high rank in the Ancient Egyptian society would mean that he has power over all below him, especially the slaves. In the first half of the movie, Moses’ attitude towards his people is selfish and he merely uses them for their work and the means of entertainment as you states to a questioning slave, “you are in no position to question me, slave!” After Moses finds out about his secret past in which his true mother placed him on the river for a chance to live, he realizes, he is a Hebrew slave, and not of royal blood. Moses is in shock as it was a slave, who happened to be his sister that reveals this to him. When he runs back to the palace he questions his ‘father’, Pharaoh Seti, about the past and if he really did order his men to kill all infants. Moses now feels remorseful towards the slaves and wishes to stop the torture. When he runs away into the desert, he receives the words of God. With Gods power with him, he returns to the city and argues with the new pharaoh in order to “let my people go”. After the pharaoh declines, Moses brings upon Egypt biblical plagues. Moses was in a...
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