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Prevention Strategies

By farrantc89 Mar 29, 2011 567 Words
Do prevention strategies prevent crime or merely shift criminal activities to other potential victims?

Cole Farrant
Private Security
Prof. Taylor


This paper presents the question of the question of whether or not prevention strategies stop crime or merely just shift it to other victims. Prevention strategies do not stop crime just shift it to other areas.

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A recent trend in the security and law enforcement has been to use preventative techniques to prevent crime and stop would be criminals. However it has been proposed that using preventative strategies may not deter crime overall just shift it to those who are unprotected and unprepared. Is this the case? I believe that this proposition is true and will show evidence to support my claim in the following paper. What is crime prevention? Crime prevention is Crime is the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk, and the initiation of action to remove or reduce it, or a active approach through utilizing public awareness and preventive measures to reduce crime (New York State Police, 2010). With the recent increase in crime it being stressed that all implement crime prevention strategies to protect one ’s self. These strategies are being created by all who face crime from schools, business’s , communities , and even you or I. However these strategies may not all be the same the bases is that they are to prevent crime. The school may check back backs, The loca bank may perform extensive background checks of its employees and you or I may lock our front door, install a motion light or security system at our homes. The important this to take from a prevention strategy is that it better prepares us and in theory will protect us from crime. Statics show when taken from an individual group that prevention strategies do work. For example installing a motion light at your house has been shown to deter a burglar because they do like to operate in the dark. For the person who installs the light prevention works, but what about your neighbor who does vnot have a motion light and the burglar can go right up to the house undetected and unbothered. This to me shows just how prevention strategies may be flawed. The crime may not occur to the prepared but is shifted to those who are unprepared. For Prevention strategies to curb the overall crime rate everyone everywhere would have to have strategies because protecting one place just turns criminals to other less prepared people or. If prevention strategies worked the crime rate would be significantly lower than it was ten years ago however property crime have only decreased a couple points. I feel that prevention does not work it only shifts the crime somewhere else. Being prepared and having a strategy to prevent crime does work for those who are prepared and have the strategy but does nothing for those who are not ready and are unprepared having to preventative strategy in place. In fact it just makes them more of a target. This is why I feel preventative strategies do nothing for stopping crime just shifts it to other victims. Works Cited

New York State Police. (2010). Crime Prevention. Retrieved 11 10, 2010, from New York State Police:

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