Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Police Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: October 29, 2014
One of the most serious problems that cities now face is crime. What are the most effective measures to tackle crime in urban areas NumWord 343 The rapid pace of urbanization is often associated with a high level of crime and violence. The greater concentration of wealthier victims (persons, banks, houses, etc.) makes the urban areas attractive for the criminal-prone individuals and potential offenders. The search of the most effective way to tackle crime depends on what do we prefer - to react or to prevent crime. The traditional approach implies to take an action after a crime has occurred. In this way it is important to maintain and develop all institutes comprised the criminal justice system. The police, being the first to contact with offenders, must have the sufficient human and technical recourses in order to investigate the crimes and bring more offenders to the courts. Prison reforms are also required to reduce the recidivism rates, because a great proportion of crime is committed by previous offenders. Furthermore, it is necessary to eliminate corruption from the justice system. All of these will allow the police authorities not only fight against crime and violence but effective prevent it. Doubtless, crime prevention plays a huge role in reducing of crime and violence and includes a variety of the strategies and tactics. Generally, crime prevention must focus on the two main factors. The first one is to reduce the opportunity to commit a crime by use of the modern technical facilities (alarm and warning system) and increasing the risk of being caught. The second one is to reduce the desire to commit a crime by decreasing poverty and unemployment as well as increasing the desire to have an economically active lifestyle. In conclusion, it is important to understand what exactly works to tackle crime as well as not all strategies are effective in all environments and in all circumstances. Society must move away from the idea that tackling violence is...
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