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Pressure Groups in Relation to Science

Pressure Groups are one way for the population of a country to put pressure on that country's government to change its thinking, policies or to change the law. A political party has a wider appeal than a pressure group, appealing to as wide a swathe of society as possible, to ensure re-election and power. A pressure group can, arguably, have a much narrower width of appeal, dependent upon what it is campaigning against or for. For example, it may have a 'speciality', such as to ban testing on animals for make-up, or to allow fathers more rights and access where their children are concerned.

There is a distinction between Insider and Outsider groups in that Insider Groups may have a close link to Parliament in order to lobby MPs and other governmental organisations, but Outsider Groups may not have this link, seeking to attract attention to their cause by such means as rallies and protest marches, and by trying to make themselves known to the media.

Whether a group is an Insider of an Outsider, however, it is more likely that a wealthier group will attract more attention, having funds for advertisements and such like, and it may be that they have more influence on government procedure and thinking. This may, of course, lead to bias in a country which is supposed to be democratic, allow everyone to have an equal voice and a say in what happens. Money talks, it is said.

Successful Pressure Groups

Amnesty International

There are various successful lobby or pressure groups in the United Kingdom, and the wider world, and one of these is Amnesty International, who lobby for the rights of humans throughout the globe, and with over 3 million supporters, it is a well-known group with a strong presence in many countries. Amnesty International, created 50 years ago, is not affiliated to any political party , and is funded by membership fees and by public donation.

The aim of Amnesty International is...
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