influences on parliament
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Influences on Parliament
Pressure Groups
Pressure groups are organisations of people who believe in the same cause. They have strongly held views and wish to influence some aspect of society. Groups of people working together usually have more effect than individuals. Pressure groups have the right to criticise the government, hold meetings, protest and make their views known by using the media. They have the responsibility to base their criticisms on facts and their meetings should be peaceful and legal. They should inform local authorities and the police when they’re making a protest. They also have the responsibility not to intimidate other people. Pressure groups use a variety of methods such as the internet, letters, lobbying, petitions, demonstrations and mass media campaigns. An example of a pressure group is Greenpeace (campaigns on environmental issues).
The Media
The media presents there information in papers and television. This can make situations look how they want it too look and make the public gain an opinion on the government’s actions. They have the power to bring issues to the attention of the public on a situation which could be a small issue that they make bigger and make sure that it is noticed. Sometimes they try to manipulate the public opinion. Media groups may publish supper against the name and shame legislation.
EU Law
Some legislation is passed as a response to pressure from the European Union of the European Court of Human Rights. The UK signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights in 1950 and the Treaty Establishing the Community (the Treaty of Rome) in 1972. This meant that we would have to accept pressures from Europe to pass certain laws when they arose. When an EU directive is issued the government must ensure that it is implemented in English law. Sometimes our law is sufficient and no change is needed. Sometimes it is best to make the necessary changes from primary legislation. In this case a bill must be

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