Interest Groups

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In the instability of the macro-economic situation today, many are closed on the nose sticks "interest groups". Communications networks around the world often tend to "society" and "the poor" should lash their goals to their interest groups that are representative of the rich elite, the power is easy to understand story. The European and American society as well. When gasoline prices rise slightly, the profits of companies like Exxon, Chevron ... is brought to dissect and critique. Everybody loves every society who bring wealthy merchants to make sacrifices (sin speculative hoarding) when food prices up because of inflation. The economic experts are well aware of the real reason inflation, but not many people want to speak out. The jealousy and cowardice often turn into the position of fans for the movement of the superficial society. Now, for the revolutionary 60s, is no longer a social change anymore, which is to change yourself to be joining interest groups.

Politics is a significant aspect of any democratic government. Interest groups are one of the institutions that influence the functions of a democratic government. * - An interest group is an organized body of individuals who share some goals and who try to influence public * - Interest groups are one important mechanism through which citizens in the United States make their ideas, needs, and views known to elected officials policy. “An interest group refers a group of individuals that are organized to seek public policy influence, usually though not exclusively by attempting to influence government actors” (Brunell, 2005). These groups are many. * * Economic

* * Environmental
* * Equality
* * Consumer and Public Interest
* * Professional
* * Government
They vary considerably in size and ideological perspectives. The strategies and tools employed by interest groups are not static, and they differ depending on the geographical scope of their operations and the resources they have. While many interest groups tend to address a wide range of issues, others deal with distinct issues. The life span of interest groups is also not static. In this case, some groups have long term objectives; hence, they remain active for long duration. For instance, the interest groups that aim at challenging policy issues and politics operate on a long term basis. On the other hand, some groups are usually initiated with an aim of achieving a particular end after which they are dissolved. For example, during elections, many groups usually emerge with an aim of ensuring that the process is handled according to the stipulated guidelines of the electoral process. A representative government is always formulated in manner that facilitates participation of contending interests, and at the same time it tries to mitigate the variance that inexorably accompanies faction competition. In the traditional creation of pluralism, contending interests work together by mobilizing resources and opinions in order to enhance effective formulation and implementation of essential public policies. “Institutions are formed to accommodate the inevitability of diverse and competing interest from becoming powerful enough to undermine the rights of others” (Wilson, 2009). This process is governed by constitutional provisions, which stipulate the nature of interest groups’ activities. Therefore, many interest groups that work together tend to stabilize political environment, and this enables them to forward their interests to the government. “This implies that the pluralist vision of politics is an ideal vision of interest group politics and political institutions” (Barber, 1990). The activities conducted by various interest groups can be used to differentiate them. For instance, some of them endeavor to address several public issues, while others have a narrow scope of private interests. There are two distinct types...
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