Pressure Care

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After reading Mrs F's care plan, it states that she prefers a female care staff to assist her with any daily living needs she requires. Mrs F has no specific preference to how she is moved, and is able to move with the support of one care staff. I also check Mrs F's Norton Scale risk assessment which states that she is at high risk of pressure area breakdown, and therefore it is essential I check to see if she has any pressure breakdowns.

Upon entering the room, I assist Mrs F will putting in her hearing aid, ensuring it is on the correct setting and volume. Once Mrs F can hear me, I ask her if she is ready to move, to which she replies she is. I explain the Mrs F that I am going to help her stand up from the bed, and take her into the bathroom, for her to use the facilities and to get washed and dressed, to which she agrees to.

I inform Mrs F that I will return shortly, as I need to put on PPE. I walk to the bathroom and thoroughly wash and dry my hands. This is important as it reduces the risk of cross infection. Cross infection is the transferring of harmful bacteria from one person, object or place to another. Transferring of bacteria can be done by human contact, bodily fluids or food. I then apply gloves and an apron, and go back to Mrs F's room.

As I walk through her room, I assess the environment to see if there are any obstacles which may prevent Mrs F from standing up correctly, and walking to the bathroom without any risks or hazards. As I walk through her room, I move her over-the-bed table to one side of the room, as this could pose a hazard for Mrs F. After assessing the rest of the room, I feel it is now safe to move Mrs F.

As Mrs F is still laying in bed at this point, I have two movements to do. One is to get her from laying down, to sitting up, and the other to standing up. I ask Mrs F is she could roll towards me, but not too far as she would fall out the bed. I then ask Mrs F to swing her legs over the side of the bed, then to push up...
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