Graded Unit Planning Process

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Graded Unit Planning process
I’m currently studying HNC Care & Administrative Practice (Clinical Route) which involves doing placement hours at a local hospital and complete a Graded Unit which consists of three stages: planning, development and evaluation. In the planning process I must complete and develop a plan to show that I can help a patient I have chosen with a nursing activity. After having a meeting with my mentor to discuss which patient we felt would be a suitable candidate for me to complete this task with, I gained consent from him. I also gained consent from the patient after explaining what and why I was doing the activity, and all information about her would be kept confidential. For this matter I will refer to the patient as Mrs B which keeps her identity anonymous. (Data Protection Act, 1998)
Mrs B is 76 years old and has been a widow for 8 years, she has four children and 5 grandchildren who visit her most days, she also has a small dog. Mrs B told me she was a waitress and continued to work up until she took retirement. Before being admitted into hospital she was very much an independent, active lady, she likes going for walks with her dog three times daily, and also likes to going shopping. Mrs B was putting rubbish into her outside bin but lost her footing, tripped and fell, this caused her to have severe pain and her neighbour called for an ambulance. She was admitted into accident and emergency at hospital where they done xrays of her head and body and found out that she had broken her hip, she underwent a hip replacement operation. Mrs B was admitted to the orthopaedic ward and is now mobilising with a zimmer frame and assistance of one nurse on the recommendation from the physiotherapists, it is important that all members of the multi-disciplinary team work together in harmony to promote a better quality of life for the patient.
Activities of Daily Living and Physiological needs
On assessing Mrs B’s needs I decided that the Roper

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