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Topics: Barack Obama, Health care, Health insurance Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Over the years, healthcare has gradually become one of the major issues that have government officials concerned. In 2011, an estimated 44 million people living in America were uninsured, while another 38 million had inadequate health insurance. That number is increasing each and every year due to the fact that our economy has been in a slump recently, and because our nation has spent a majority of our federal funding to support warfare, our government had to cut back on allot of public programs. With the lack of money in circulation, many business owners have had to cut back on wages as well as their employees. Majority of uninsured people state that they do not have health insurance simply because they just cannot afford it. In an attempt to create a solution, President Barrack Obama came up with a universal healthcare program called the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare. In this paper, key points that will be discussed are how the program works, its pros and cons, if it raises any issues with federalism and if the program is actually helping our nation’s healthcare crisis. President Barrack Obama has made it clear that when it comes to healthcare, everyone should have coverage. The Obamacare plan lists a number of provisions that will go into effect over the next ten years, and is estimated to cost our nation $940 billion. Its long term goal is to reduce our nation’s deficit by 1.2 trillion dollars if all goes as planned. According to the President, the government should offer some type of assistance to help those who do not have healthcare insurance. One of the main points this law has actually stressed in the public eye is the fact that under this law, an estimated thirty-two million people will be able to receive healthcare.
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