Barack Obama

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William E. Hemphill
November 8, 2012
Research Paper
College English
The Real Barack Obama
By: Trae Hemphill

Barack Hussein Obama II

August 4, 1961 Barack Hussein Obama II, or “Barry,” his child hood name given to him by his father was brought into this world in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA by his mother, Ann Dunham, and father Barack Obama Sr. His parents met as college students at the University of Hawaii. Their relationship was frowned upon by both sets of parents; though it did not stop them from blessing the world with Barack Obama Jr. After a short lived marriage and the birth of Barack Jr. His father abandoned the family and went off to attend Harvard University and eventually returned to Kenya with the mindset of getting his land back to the people. He remarried and fathered to two more kids Barack Jr.’s step-brother and step-sister but as time passed his father grew unhappy and so did his drinking which landed him into a hospital for a year after he killed a man in an awful car crash. His mother also married again and was blessed to give birth to Barack’s step-sister Mya. Barack Jr.’s mother and father ran into each other again in a hospital and his father wanted to work on bringing the family back together including Mya, Barack’s step-sister. Sadly his parents did not succeed at bringing the family back together and his mother married again to an Indonesian oil manager by the name of Lolo Soetoro. Barack Jr., mother, step-sister, and new step-father moved to Jakarta Indonesia where Barack Jr. attended an English school for a little. After attending school in Indonesia Barack Jr. moved back to Hawaii with his Grandparents, Stanley Dunham and wife Stanley Ann where his grandfather arranged it with his boss for Barack to attended Panahou School Hawaii’s top prep academy and would be as his grandfather Stanley would call it, “Barack’s meal ticket.” Barack played on his prep academy’s basketball team where he earned his nickname “Barry O’ Bomber” for...

Cited: Times News, Obama, New York, NY, 2009
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