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Event Safety Generic Risk assessment
This example event risk assessment is for a small music festival held on a green field site for up to a maximum of 4000 attendees.

Event Name

Date of Assessment
Review Date
Assessment carried out by

What are the hazards?Who might be harmed and how?What are you doing already?What further action is necessary?Action by who?Action by when?Done Workplace transportWorkers and others risk serious, possibly fatal, injuries if struck by a vehicle.Workers trained by competent person to operate work vehicles and forklift trucks. All work vehicles maintained and inspected according to manufacturers’ instructions. Workers wear lap belts when using vehicles.

High visibility vests available and worn as necessary, eg night timeIntroduce a one way traffic flow system. Introduce speed limit.
Arrange for servicing of toilets and collection of waste only between the hours of ??? when the public are on site. Prohibit all other vehicle movements other than emergency services when the public are on the site Pedestrian/Vehicle conflictWorkers and others risk serious, possibly fatal, injuries if struck by a vehicle in a car park or on the highway.Car parking stewarded and car park well lit. Taxi/Bus drop off point provided and pedestrians discouraged from walking on the Highway. Signage and lighting provided to warn other road users of event.Consider temporary speed limits on Highway. Investigate the possibility of providing a shuttle bus.

Consult on transport plans with Local Police Force and County/Council Highways authority. Slips, Trips and FallsWorkers and visitors risk serious injury if they slip or trip, even on the level.Floors in marquees and other structures laid by a competent person. Steps, changes in level and other tripping hazards fenced if not in use. Temporary lighting provided to walkways, toilets and general areas in use by the public after dark. Marquee pegs protected by foam and guy...
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