Present Day Implication of the Hawthorne Studies

Topics: Hawthorne Works, Hawthorne effect, Western Electric Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Table of Contents
I. Introduction to the Topic
A.Definition of the Hawthorne Electric Studies
B.Origin of the Hawthorne Electric Studies
C.The three phases of the Scientific Management Experiments D.Implications of Modern Day Hawthorne Electric Studies
1.Selection Process
2.Testing of Research on Studies
3.Results of Reported Studies
4.Conclusion of Studies

II. Implications
A.Selection Process
B.Testing of Research on Studies
1.Testing groups
2.Methods Used to Conduct Studies
C.Results of Reported Studies
1.What worked
2.What did not work
D.Conclusion of Studies
1. Outcome of Studies

III. Conclusion

IV. Works Cited

Hawthorne Electric Studies
What are the Present Day Implications of the Hawthorne Electric Studies?

The Hawthorne Studies were experiments that were inspired by Elton Mayo and several others that developed the Human Relations Management. In 1924 the Western Electric Company in Chicago, IL was the base of influence by the scientific management theories. These theories measured how different working conditions measured the impact on personnel. Fritz Roethisberger and William J. Dickson conducted the research and concluded that variations of work output were not caused by the changing of physical conditions, but merely by the experiments themselves. With these experiments the treatment the personnel received convinced them that management had an interest in their well being, in turn raised morale and led to the personnel increasing productivity. Thus the term “Hawthorne effect” in today’s society is widely used to refer to behavior modifying effects. This being the subject of a social investigation, regardless of what type of context is being investigated. “The stimulation to output or accomplishment that results from the mere fact of being under observation; also: such an increase in output or accomplishment (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

“From the Hawthorne Works of the Western Electric Co.,...
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