Preparation of Films for Staining

Topics: Bacteria, Microscope, Staining Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: September 1, 2010
Title: preparation of films for staining
Objective: to produce a thin smear of bacteria adhering to a clean microscope slide as preparatory to staining. Procedure:

A.From broth cultures
1.Inoculating loop was sterilized using Bunsen burner and let to be cool before use it to obtain bacterial suspension from the tube. 2.The bacterial then placed in the center of the clean microscope slide. It also speared to produce thin films. 3.The films are set to air dry before wafting the slide gently on the Bunsen flame to fix and kill pathogenic bacteria. 4.The slide was place on a rack then the stain were apply.

B.From agar cultures.
1.A drop of water was place in the center of the glass slide. 2.With sterilized inoculating loop to obtain a minute of bacterial culture from the agar cultures 3. It then mix with the drop of water and then proceeds as broth cultures.

1.24 hours broth cultures of
a.E. coli
b.Staph. aureus
2.24 hours nutrient agar slants of
a.Bacillus subtilis
b.Pseudomonas aeruginosa
4.Inoculating loop
5.Dye solution
a.Crystal violet
b.Methylene blue
c.Carbol fuchsin
6.Test tubes

1.By using inoculating loop a minute of bacterial was transferred onto the glass slide. 2.Then a film of slide was prepared.
3.The prepared film then flooded with crystal violet, methylene blue,and carbol fuchsin. All of the stain it let to react about 30 seconds. 4.The excess stained was wash with slow running water. The excess water then blot before dry with Bunsen flame. 5.The slide then examine without the cover slip under the objective lens (x100) 6.The observation then recorded.

In preparing a slide from a colony growing on an agar medium, why is it necessary to place only a minute portion of the colony on the slide? Answer
To obtain a good slide from a colony growing on an agar medium it is necessary to place only a minute portion of bacterial...
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