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Preparation Before College

By jackhee Mar 14, 2011 764 Words
Choosing what college is a big decision. Belike for the first time in your life, we are going to have a chance to determine where we are going to spend four or more years of our life. So we do not make the mistake and wait until the last minute to prepare for college. We should do preparation at first year of high school. Literally, the moment we need to decide that we are going to take our education to the next level is the time that we should start getting ready for it.

We should seriously think what course we would take it. If not later you would regret and even affect your working life. We would going on college survey will give you a better idea of where you want to apply. Do homework when it comes to finding out more about the schools you like.

In addition, many colleges have specific admissions requirements, especially in the areas of science and math. If you wait until your last year of high school is underway to check into the admissions requirements of colleges that interest you, you may discover too late that you cannot get into those institutions because you have not taken the required courses.( Sally Wood,2000) As a secondary school, you may not feel ready to make a decision about the college you should attend. But we should early to prepare in advance and begin narrowing your choices to five or fewer. Then you can begin visiting those campuses, learning more about the programs they have to offer, getting to know some of the admissions and financial aid personnel there, and talking with some of the students who go there. We can apply to as many colleges as we like, as long as you are willing to complete the applications and to pay the application fees. A great way to prepare for college is by applying to more than one school and doing early in order to give us a chance to find out what each college has to offer us and we can enough time to compare and contrast them. We should consider what accommodations you might need and learn what typical accommodations are provided on college campuses. On the other hand, colleges and universities are required to provide reasonable accommodations to students. Every school should have an office to whom you provide documentation and with whom you arrange for accommodations. (, 2010) We should do preparation, will you are moving on campus and living in the hostel, there are some necessary should bring it. For example clothes, toothbrush, shampoo and etc. A computer light is also necessary, in case your hostel mate needs to go to sleep, when you are still doing your assignment. So your eyes may require more light to focus on your books and notes, after spending a ridiculous amount of time doing assignment.

Besides that, you also should bring storage containers are helpful when attempting to cramp your clothes into the compact hostel room.

If you are moving into an unfurnished apartment your freshman year at college, you will need to find a way to get some cheap furniture. Many times family or friends will offer their old furniture; get the word around that you’re looking for furniture. Besides that, we should prepare enough money for whole study journey, just in case if that you not enough money to pay whole study fees. In case you study half year already, after second year your maybe financial have a trouble. Then you should stop study, so you would wasting your money and time at there. Before you apply college you should consider fees your family had enough money to afford fees or not. If cannot afford it you can consider borrow loan with government or bank. We also need think about transportation. You need to determine transportation while at school, will you need a car or can you bike, walk or take public transportation easily. In addition, you would select some kind of books for holiday reading that will give you a head start when school begins. (, 2010) When at summer holidaying, you should find a part-time job so you can have some extra money to enjoy all that college has to offer. Before going to apply college you should spend lots of time with your high school friends before you all head off in different directions. As conclusion, College decision is an important one not one that you should make at the last minute or without careful thought.

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