Prelude to Appreciation

Topics: Music, Music genre, Gioachino Rossini Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: February 14, 2014

The Prelude to Appreciation
The Prelude to Appreciation was very interesting to me. It taught me the steps of music appreciation. There is a lot more than just listening to music, even though everyone has different taste in music you can learn to like different kinds of music by knowing the history of it and understanding the background behind it. By listening to the CDs I began to appreciate music that I’ve never heard before. I enjoyed the different songs from different cultures, it’s always nice to listen to something different and not stay with the ordinary. I am very open minded to different genres out there. The exposure to new music opens up new doors to music taste. “Every kind of music is good, except the boring kind”. - Gioacchino Rossini. This quote is very true to my eyes. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about music. Not everyone will have the same taste since everyone is different. Most people are close minded about new music. They are accustomed to the music they grew up listening to. I believe people’s taste depends on the music they have in their surroundings. They will probably like the music that their friends listen to or the age group around them. Every genre of music serves a different purpose. They are all for a different occasion and all express different emotions. For example, love songs are obviously dedicated to people who are in love. They tend to make a setting more romantic or just put people in a romantic mood. Some music will make you want to dance, other music pumps you up for a work out, other music will mellow you out for relaxation. I personally listen to music to entertain me when I’m bored. I like to listen to music when I’m driving or going out for a walk. The situation in which music is heard makes a big difference to whether you will like the song or not. Sometimes you listen to a song and you decide you don’t like it. But I believe that...
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