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Music Genre

Genres of Music My favorite genre is R&B. Every genre has their own unique twist to it but I think what makes mine unique is the effect is has on people. R&B makes one want to move and dance to the beat of the music. It gives life to the ambience and it brings people to have a new personality. I personally find that it brings me up when I’m down. I find it very similar to hip-hop but R&B is a mixture of different genres which includes hip-hop in the mix. The artist that came to mind to associate...

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Lover of Music

lover of music What does it mean to be a lover of music? Being a lover of music means to be a lover of art. Growing up no one around me was into music much, so I never had much of an interest in music. My parents brought me up in a religious household. They had a tight reign on what music I could listen too. I started listening to the radio stations I wasn’t allowed to listen too as a kid. It was then when I discovered my love for music. The connection I got from listening to music instantly...

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American Roots Music

American Roots Music To me, American roots music is the broad range of genres of music originated from people such as the Native Americans. Different styles of music come from different types of groups of people based on things like morals, traditions and customs, and religion. For example, some Native American tribes have songs to welcome back fighters from battles because they believe that it will calm the soul and mind from the gruesomeness of battles. These songs and traditions will start...

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Caribbean Music and the Influence It Has on the Caribbean Music

African music and history of African music in the Caribbean; Identify and list some of the common African influences/features found in Caribbean folk and popular music. African music: music of the music of the Africa diaspora was refined and developed during the period of slavery. Slaves did not have easy access to instruments, so vocal work to on new significance. Through chants and work songs people of African descent preserved elements of their African heritage while inventing new genres of music...

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Gallipoli Music Essay

occurred during the war many Australians fought in. It was created to demonstrate to everyone the truly horrific incidents that happened in the war. The music choice was an important section in the films creation, the director has put in place certain genres and styles of music to suit and set the scene for the film. The three main styles and types of music being discussed are, ‘Oxygene’, ‘Adagio in G minor’ and the ‘Carnival songs’. The director has placed these songs in certain sections of the film to...

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Music and Mood

Music affects everyone in completely different ways. I always found it fascinating that everyone had their own style of music that they enjoy and over time I have noticed that people’s taste in music tends to go along with their personality and moods. When I discovered an article on music and mood I knew I wanted that to be my topic because I was always interested in it and wanted to learn more. The article I found was titled “Music and Mood” by Carolyn J Murrock and Anita V Clark. The article...

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personality correlates of music

Some Personality Correlates of Music Preferences Malvika Arora & Dr. Shobhana Abhyankar, Dept of Psychology, Fergusson College, Pune Abstract The present study is aimed at studying some personality correlates of Music Preferences. A sample of 175 individuals, aged 18-28 and living in urban settings was surveyed on two inventories, namely, ‘Short Test on Music Preferences-Revised (STOMP-R)’ and ‘NEO-Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI)’. STOMP-R rated individuals’ music preferences on four broader ones...

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Music lyric violence

However, when music is so explicit and is easily presented to the youth, it could cause changes in their behavior and way of thinking about things. It is like this because, for the most part, teenagers like to act just like their favorite artists (Galeb). Research conducted by psychologists Jason Rentfrow and Sam Gosling suggests that knowing the type of music you listen to can actually lead to surprisingly accurate predictions about your personality. Research also states that men are more likely...

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Music in Our Life

Music plays a very important role in our life. We can almost hear music anywhere. Different music serves different functions in our life. Why is music important to many people? Can you imagine any type of dance without music? Dance steps are created according to the rhythm and beats of different types of music. Operas, plays and musicals all revolve around music. While watching different dance forms and musicals, you also enjoy the music that is a part of it. Dancing and music cannot be...

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Does Music Affect Teens

Does Music Affect Teens? Can the Music Youth Listen to Affect Their Behavior? Music is often blamed for influencing particular behaviors, but does it really do so? Why is music sometimes associated with negative behavior and actions? With music being such a staple in youth culture, it seems that each teenager has a “soundtrack to their life.” But, are they just innocently listening to their favorite tunes? Or are they in for something more? In the media it seems that certain groups that...

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