Precise Software Solutions

Topics: Pricing, Database management system, Marketing Pages: 4 (886 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Background of case study:
Precise is developing performance management and availability software serving firms with complex network of hardware and software components. Market Dynamics
The leading seller of database management systems was Oracle followed by BMC and Quest Problem Area:
Designing the following for their new product:
* Product Launch Calendar
* Market Strategy
* Sales Force Strategy
* Channel Strategy
Growth Rate:
The market is experiencing a very high growth rate: Expected to double in 2003 Product Types:
The market is fragmented and the products were differentiated in two ways: 1. Based on the underlying resources and platforms with which they were associated 2. Based on the functionality they offered.

* Monitoring
* Detection
* Improvement
* Analysis
Channel Strategy:
1. Direct Sales
2. Indirect Sales (Value-added resellers, System integrators and Original equipment manufacturing agreements) Sales Cycle Time: 6 to 12 months long cycle time
Pricing Strategy:
Pricing structure: one-time license fee + recurring revenue from annual maintenance and service contracts and additional revenues from product upgrades Competitors: Oracle, BMS and Quest
Precise Product Portfolio:
* Precise/SQL: Software product managing the performance of applications utilizing Oracle database: targeted at users of proprietary applications * Inter point: Software product monitoring the database efficiency of large Enterprise Resource Planning applications * Precise/Pulse: Software product continuously monitoring the underlying database. * Precise/Presto: For monitoring the performance of EMC storage products: Sold on an OEM basis by EMC Sales/Channel Strategy:

* Dual-channel distribution system
* In North America the sales force was comprised of 17 account executives. * The reps were well trained in all products and good in solving database problems * Internationally the company...
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