Practical Book Review

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My Summation
Communication is a tremendously important part of the human experience. Any effort to improve one’s skills is valuable. Most people think they listen well when having a conversation, but the reality is that most people walk away from a conversation feeling unheard, misunderstood, and disconnected. Petersen uses real world experiences to teach the reader how to handle difficult situations and people. In Petersen’s concept, improvement in listening skills will result in an overall improvement in relationships. Peterson describes the flat brain syndrome in his book. Stomach functions consist of people’s emotions or feelings – those inner nudges that let people know when they’re uncomfortable, happy, excited, interested, attracted, irritable, angry, resentful, frustrated, and curious. Feelings are people’s internal responses to the world around them, to what they’re thinking, and to their bodies. Heart functions give and receive concerns, suggestions, and support. They are ready to consider many options and possibilities. Healthy hearts recognize that people don’t possess “the whole truth,” but are confident both in owning their views and remaining open to the views of others. The head functions incorporate thinking, planning, remembering, reviewing, deciding, and rationalizing. Petersen points out that a correct understanding of these relationships can make the difference when it comes to lessening conflicts. A unbalanced blend of either too much brain or too much stomach creates flat-brained syndrome where it is all emotion and no thought, or the flat-brain tango, all thought with no emotion....

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