Powerpoint Guidelines

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Power Point Guidelines

Guideline #1 - Background and Color
* Slide colors have been chosen to create a mood (don't just use black and white). *Red and green color combinations have not been used.
*The background is not too busy so titles and text are easy to read. *There is good color contrast between titles/text and background for easy readability. *Colors are used consistently on all slides for titles, text, and background.

Guideline #2 - Titles
*First slide is a title slide that includes the speech title, the speaker's name, and a picture. *All titles provide information about the slide topic (don't use words like introduction, conclusion). *Font size is >40 in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS using Sans Serif fonts (e.g. Arial, Tahoma).

Guideline #3 - Text
*Font size is >28 in mixed case using Serif fonts (e.g. Times New Roman, Cambria). *The font style is easily readable (e.g. no Script, Old English). *The same two fonts are used consistently on each slide: one style for titles and one style for text. *Key words and phrases are used instead of sentences (unless a quote is used). *Rule of Six is followed: No more than six lines of text per slide (not including the title). *Spacing is used between multiple points; each point is consistently bulleted or numbered. *Parallel structure is used (i.e. each phrase starts with the same type of word such as a verb).

Guideline #4 - Citing Sources
*All information is cited on the bottom right hand corner, for example:(Source: FBI, 2008). *All photos/pictures are cited under the image, for example:(Photographer: Ansel Adams, 2006). *No photos/pictures that have copyright on them are used.

Guideline #5 - Overall Design
*The presentation is not set on a timer.
*There are no annoying sounds used in the presentation.
*There are no misspelled words or grammatical errors.
*Pictures and charts are included to add visual interest.
*Images do not overlap text; no words run off the edge of the slide. *A blank slide is...
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