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Matt Frutiger
MKTG. 327
Dr. Singh

Identify and describe Potbelly’s strategy in terms of product (present or new) and market (present or new). Potbelly’s in one of the fastest growing chains in the restaurant world. There are an estimated 135-140 stores nationwide with plans for 40-50 new stores in the next year. When it comes to product Potbelly’s specialty is sandwiches. Potbelly’s focuses on having the freshest, made to order sandwiches, homemade desserts, soups, shakes and yogurt smoothies. Potbelly’s uses freshly baked bread for all their sandwiches, as well as meat that is sliced fresh in each individual store daily. The current marketing strategy for Potbelly’s is to hire nice people, serve great food and have a nice environment. Despite having over 135 stores Potbelly’s focuses on giving back to the community around each store through event promotions. Potbelly’s tries to appeal to urban young customers less than 35.

How would you describe Potbelly’s positioning strategy?
Potbelly’s positioning strategy is very important for the continued growth the company projects. Potbelly’s strives to be an inexpensive gourmet sandwich shop. One way Potbelly’s does this is through their one price point sandwich. Every sandwich on the menu at Potbelly’s is priced the same to allow the customer to just order what they feel like instead of focusing on the price. Potbelly’s searches for just the right location for each store. Planners look for areas that are not oversaturated with sandwich shops. Potbelly’s looks to appeal to the young urban crowd with its décor and sandwich combinations. Giving back to the community is another important aspect of Potbelly’s positioning strategy. Potbelly’s relies on creating a presence in the market place through community events, goodwill and word of mouth.

What types of environmental opportunities and threats do you see in Potbelly’s external environment? How might they impact Potbelly’s...
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