Potbelly's Case

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Case 4: Potbelly’s

1. Potbelly’s strategy in terms of product and market are to provide great food and a friendly atmosphere. As far as their product goes even their CEO Keil says that anybody can make and sell a sandwich. What strategy they use is by using quality ingredients and a superior value. Their strategy towards the market is to provide a fun, unique experience to their customers. Their previous attempts as far as product goes was to sell antiques along with their sandwich shop, kind of the same approach as a cracker barrel. It seems the sandwiches become a more important part of their revenue. The antiques became more of decoration then sale items. The past market was very small just having one sandwich shop owned by a couple. With the purchase of the shop they quickly started a chain of restaurants and have opened a lot of locations just recently. 2. Potbelly’s position strategy seems to have been starting small in one area while making a name for itself. In its first five years all the locations opened were in Chicago, Illinois. After they had built a reputation they moved into Washington D.C. This seems to be an attempt to stay in major cities to increase their reputation. The nation’s capital is one of the many major travel destinations for work. This way the businessmen of Chicago can get the sandwiches they love even away from home. The next year instead of branching out to the other major business travel cities, for example, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles, Potbelly took the approach that many other chains take. There central location was Chicago, Illinois; from there they spread into neighboring states, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Like mentioned earlier most chains take this approach until they are nationwide. A lot of grocery stores northerners are familiar with will not be found as they head further south just as southerners will not find the same stores they are...
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