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Possible Advantages And Disadvantages O

By Deborah-Marsh Nov 27, 2014 370 Words
Possible Advantages and Disadvantages of Other Resources

Supporting Play and Learning

No Cost
No fines for children’s books
Can sit inside and read / make into an outing
Often activities arranged by libraries
Library bus available
Have to look after books
Have to remember where they are!
Have to take back by a certain date.
Rhyme Time -Vocabulary development (communication and language) Having fun (emotional)
Choosing books – Making choices and decisions (emotional /social) Borrowing books -Understanding how to care appropriately for books ( social) Local Parks
No Cost
No time limit
Can take picnic and games
Can meet other children
Fresh Air!
Weather permitting – equipment becomes dangerous when wet! Vandalism – broken equipment, rubbish etc
Having fun (emotional)
Playing with other children (taking turns, sharing –social) Using Play equipment (physical and cognitive, problem solving) Understanding Safety rules (social and cognitive)

Children Centres
Provide Messy Play time for small fee.
Childminding drop ins
Lots of information on local activities
Many have been closed or had hours reduced.
Those open are only on certain days.
Having fun (emotional)
Playing with other children (taking turns, sharing –social) Using Play equipment (physical and congitive)
Understanding rules of play (social and emotional)
Toy Libraries
Lots of valuable resources for making things!! Or hiring toys rather than buying them new. Prices have gone up.
Do have to look after hired items and return by date.
Different toys to provide all different types of learning and play. (social, emotional, cognitive, personal, physical, creative development) Play centres
All weather! Always open
Lots of other children
Refreshments available
Prices have gone up.
Often £4-£6 per child and time is limited to 2 hrs only in school holidays. Climbing, Slides, Ball pits etc (physical, cognitive, problem solving) Playing with other children (taking turns, sharing –social) Understanding rules of play (social and emotional)

Chance for children to interact with others of their age and learn, develop in a structured way. Parents may send children to playgroup instead of childminder – lost business Leaving Parent/ childminder and going into playgroup (developing independence –social, personal and emotional and knowledge and understanding of the world) Having fun (emotional)

Playing with other children (taking turns, sharing, social)
Using Play equipment (physical and cognitive)

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