Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages and disadvantages of wired/cabled network
A wired network is more reliable and has generally a higher bandwidth (is faster..) than a wireless network; while it constraints to the availability and length of connection cables, can be more expensive than a wireless network and may not fit specific situations such as reaching some remote areas or being used with mobile devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of wireless network
* Flexible if there is ad-hoc situation when additional workstation was required.  * Implementation cost is cheaper than wired network.
* Ideal for the non-reachable places such as across river or mountain or rural area. * Ideal for temporary network setups. 

* Lower speed compared to wired network. (of course!)
* Less secure because hacker's laptop can act as Access Point. If you connected to their laptop, they'll read all your information (username, password.. bla..bla..bla..). * More complex to configure than wired network.

* Affected by surrounding. E.g: walls (blocking), microwave oven (interference), far distance (attenuation)

| Wired/Cabled| Wireless|
Installation| Wired connections are easier to set up. With most modern computers you can simply plug in the cable and get on the Net.|  Wireless requires configuring the router and at least one extra step on the computer’s side: searching for the correct network to connect to.| Cost| Hardware components such as Ethernet cables and switches are relatively inexpensive, and the software required for connection sharing may be obtained for free | Wireless equipment such as routers and wireless cards are comparatively more expensive.

Reliability| Ethernet cables, hubs and switches are extremely reliable, mainly because manufacturers have been continually improving Ethernet technology over several decades.|  And like cordless phones, problems increase as you get farther away from the router. There...
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