Positive Change by Students

Topics: Education, Experience, Sociology Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: August 6, 2011
Evaluate the idea that the k-12 schools should play an active role in promoting positive social change.

Children are the future of any nation or country. They are the hope for the sun to rise tomorrow; but for the sun to herald tomorrow, today must be made effective. Hence, grooming and development of children plays an integral role, a role to be fulfilled mostly by schools.

The world of today is changing very fast and to keep up with it, every society needs to adapt change. The question, however, arises as to who should be the agent of change? Who can lead towards positive social change? The answer lies in the future of tomorrow: students. Well-educated, developed and groomed students can become the agents of positive social change.

Now, we wonder, why does this happen? How can an inexperienced youth be a better option to bring change instead of an experienced wise man? The reason is that children, or students, have a decisive force by which they can mould people around themselves.

Based on this fact, k-12 schools should work on their students and hone them to be initiators of tomorrow. Since a child spends majority of his/her early life in schools, they are the source of training and mental development; confidence and vision building.


Change can be brought by competition. Since they enter into schools, children face competition at every level: be it an effort of acquiring the best grades or working hard to impress fellow students with a new toy car, competition motivates them towards the goal. Hence, when it comes to bringing about change, the driving force will be competition: competition with other developed societies.

The second driver of change could be awareness. Again students form the best source as they are exposed to better mediums of awareness. Their knowledge and understanding is far better than that of their fathers or fore-fathers.

At this point I might emphasize that the experience of the wiser...
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