Positive and Negative Effects of NBA on China

Topics: Yao Ming, National Basketball Association, Boston Celtics, Basketball / Pages: 3 (720 words) / Published: Apr 29th, 2014
At the ending of my speech, the audience will be able to know how the NBA effect the China.
Recently, a growing number of NBA fans appear in the China, for the reason that NBA has the most exciting game and best basketball players. It allows more and more Chinese watch it and begin to play basketball. Positively, there are more opportunities for CBA basketball players to play in the NBA and have a better platform to showcase their talents, but also bring many great business opportunities to China. Negatively, while American NBA players come to China, they take the opportunities away from young Chinese players and allow CBA lose the competition and challenges.
Central Idea
The NBA affects China and brings some both positive and negative influence to China.
We should know some information about the NBA, the CBA and how the NBA effects the China.
Body Outline
Ⅰ.Affect Chinese people, especially this generation of young people in China.
A. For me, I have been watching the Boston Celtics for 8 years, since I was a high school student. In Celtics, Kevin Garnett is my favorite basketball player. When I was a child, I often played basketball with my friend at the free time.
B. Chinese young people be healthier. Basket become the most popular sport in recently years between the high school students. The average high of high students have a 4cm increasing in recently year
Ⅱ.Affect Chinese business
A. NBA develops Chinese Tourism industry
1. According to “Yao Ming Effect" influences with NBA, CBA”, it says that “With Yao Ming 's nine years in NBA, watching Houston Rockets matches has become a ritual for many Chinese basketball fans”. . They go to Toyota Centre just for watching Yao Ming’s game. It allows more and more Chinese tend to go to the United States and make a development in both Chinese and American tourist trade.
B. NBA brings a lot of great opportunities to Chinese sports band.
1. More and more NBA stars have been

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