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Topics: Operating system, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Pages: 8 (2847 words) Published: September 20, 2009
Running head: COMPARE AND CONTRAST UNIX AND WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMS Compare and Contrast UNIX and Windows Operating Systems
Debra Avent, William Brown, Antonio Gilbert and Nicole Wojasinski University of Phoenix
There are many operating systems in use today. In this paper we are going to compare and contrast UNIX and Windows. What is this UNIX and how does it compare and contrast with the Microsoft Windows operating system? UNIX's biggest advantage is that its source is available to users so they may build a system to fit their needs. However, the user must have the education and experience of a compiler program to build the basic system, background in UNIX/Linux and the time it takes to build the system needed. One does not need much knowledge for the Microsoft operating system. It is built for users who have no skill, which makes it easier for the majority of people. Another area that truly makes a difference is support. With UNIX it is hard to find help. You will find that the cost of support is quite expensive, in fact. On the other hand, Windows experts are everywhere because they did not have to be super programmers before learning the Windows operating system. As far as software goes, UNIX is still growing and limited to free source. This is where you must choose to compile the program yourself or click and install. Can UNIX compete with Microsoft and cut into the market share? Cost of the Operating Systems

UNIX is unique as it operates by itself and other operating systems take from it to operate. UNIX is free and can be downloaded. It is open source so it is the favored operating system in bigger businesses. This means there is no cost to the user to download and operate the software. Windows, in comparison cost the users one time licensing cost. That cost is dependent on how many users the system will have. When Windows is purchased for a personnel computer the cost is rolled up in the purchase price and will work on only that one system and normally is preloaded prior to the sale of the computer. It would make sense to stray towards the free operating system, but the fact that it is open sourced together with the fact that Windows works better on servers in terms of networking, file print and most importantly security make Windows the operating system of choice. When an upgrade is needed to a newer version of Windows the cost varies, basedon the source. While searching for the cost Price Grabber, an online comparison shopping site was used. Price Grabber listed a Windows XP Home addition upgrade for $79.99, compared to $96.81 at an online site called RoyalDiscounts.com. Comparing both cases, the cost to upgrade UNIX is free and the lowest cost to upgrade Windows is $79.99 (PriceGrabber, 2009). Market Share

Operating Systems are shifting in the marketshare world. Microsoft has led the market in the majority of operating systems with the exception of wireless operating systems. According to RCS Wireless News, written by Phil Caron (2008) the article reads that Windows Mobile is second to Blackberry in the installed base of users. Looking at the server arena Microsoft has noted an increase of only 7 % in the first quarter of 2009. RedHat ‘s overall increase of 18% over the same quarter is a profitable gain, and Novell posting 24% of gains yearly (Vizard, 2009). Seeing a projected increase implementing Linux’s executives present that the cost is a major factor in a Novell sponsored survey (Vizard, 2009). Analyzing these numbers indicate that Microsoft is definitely relinquishing ground to other operating systems. Another interesting point from the survey is that 49% of those surveyed are planning to make a change to Linux as their primary operating system within the next 5 years (Vizard, 2009). The current numbers indicate a shift in the constant growing numbers that will eventually replace some of the current Windows operating systems. Using the next 5 years as a goal, the market...

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