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Topics: Academic degree, Doctorate, Sociology Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Sociology is the systematic study of human society. The sociological perspective in everyday life? Benefits of sociological perspective
The sociological perspective
•Becomes a way of thinking, "a form of consciousness" that challenges familiar understandings of us and of others, so that we can critically assess the truth of commonly held assumptions.Problems with the sociological perspective. •Sociology is part of a changing world.

•Sociologists are part of what they study.
•Sociological knowledge becomes part of society.Procrastination and prioritizing is what will greatly affect my academic career future. I can only ensure my academic success by letting go of some of my previous commitments. My family has always been “Priority #1”. I would call myself and committed, dedicated and hard working employee of the Smith family. My job came with many intrinsic rewards such as; travel and financial gains. I was on-call day and night, childcare, teaching, organizing moves and setting up small businesses to name a few. It took great commitment to organization to set up menus, chore charts and travel/escort planning. For 4 years I lived out of my car traveling as an escort and Smith Family Representative. In, 2010 my job began to phase out, kids growing up, and I knew unemployment was inevitable. I began to focus on my Real self and my ideal self. Who am I? And what are the worth of my personal skills? Without a degree no job was going to pay me what I currently earn with the Smith family. I discovered that I was my job and I had to find me! I procrastinated for many years dealing with me. I called myself a martyr but am I really a masochist? Taking control of my destiny, the same way I controlled the destiny of my family, I organized a plan. I realized that I have great “business organizational skills”. I am able to prosper with small budgets using creativity and lead unwilling subordinates with intrinsic rewards and persuasive linguistic skills. I...
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