popular modern styles of painting

Topics: Abstract expressionism, Modern art, Cubism Pages: 4 (1058 words) Published: May 20, 2014
Popular Modern Styles of Painting
Modern art was a reaction to the rigid style set by traditional French institutions. Modern styles emerged starting in the 1860s and continued through the 1970s. This type of art refers to styles of painting that eschewed realism and past traditions. Instead, its focus is on experimentation with various materials and styles. The following are some of the popular styles that reflect the spirit of the modern art movement. 1. Abstract Art

Abstract art refers to a style of painting that does not use figurative reality as a reference. Instead, the artist alludes to his or her subject and reduces it to a simplified form. Colors and shapes are used to portray emotions and the landscape of one’s inner world. Listed below are the various kinds of abstract art styles that have emerged.  

Abstract Art Type
Defining Characteristics
Famous Artists
Abstract Expressionism
Abstract expressionism paintings are emotionally intense and spontaneously created by the artist. It is often synonymous with action or gesture paintings that have an anarchic and rebellious feel. There is tension and high drama in their composition. Jackson Pollock

Mark Tobey
Color Field
Color field paintings are characterized by large, solid colors on a flat plane. The colors are the subjects themselves, and they are normally painted on large canvas material. Compared to abstract expressionism, color field painters aim to present their paintings as one cohesive image. Mark Rothko

Robert Motherwell
Barnett Newman
Hans Hoffman
Lyrical Abstraction
Lyrical abstraction refers to abstract paintings that are softer and more romantic in nature. Instead of drama and tension, this style has a relaxed randomness and spontaneity. It is called "lyrical," because of the imagery that allows the person to interpret or "read" it. Paul Jenkins

Sam Francis
Joan Mitchell
Pierre Soulages
Cubism is characterized by geometric figures. Cubist painters analyze the subject...
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