Pope Clement VII

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Pope Clement VII

Giulio de’ Medici was born in the exquisite city of Florence, Italy on May 26, 1478. He was the son of Fioretta Gorini, and the prevailing Giuliano de’ Medici whom was in fact one of the pronounced leaders of Florence during the late 1400’s. Giuliano de’ Medici was brother of Lorenzo the Magnificent and was recognized as the “co-ruler” of Florence in his time. After the tragic assassination of his father and death of his mother, Giulio de’ Medici was then taken in and educated by his uncle, Lorenzo the Magnificent. Under the wing of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Giulio became educated on all things associated with being a Medici. He learned the ways of the banking system they put in place over the years, about art and all its value and worth and more importantly how to be a valued member of society in Italy. Soon after, Giulio de’ Medici’s cousin, Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici, became the Pope of Rome on March 9, 1513. Upon receiving his title, Pope Leo X made sure his cousin, Giulio de’ Medici was given the notable position of the archbishop of Florence, as well as, the cardinal. Giulio de’ Medici was said to have influenced many of Leo's policies, and too planned some impressive works of art in order to honor his family name.

After the death of his cousin, Pope Leo X, and the later elected Pope, Adrian VI's death on September 14,1523, the Medici family would gain control in the papacy once more. Giulio de’ Medici was elected Pope Clement VII in the next conclave on November 19, 1523. Pope Clement VII was seen as displaying and having all good qualities of a good administrator during the reign of Pope Leo X. The way Clement co-ruled along side of his cousin was greatly acknowledged. Thus, the decision to elect him came naturally to the papacy. He brought to the papal throne a high reputation for political ability and possessed in fact all the accomplishments of a cunning diplomat. However, the people of the papacy were still slightly...
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