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Political Science

Subject: Political Science 2 Descriptive
Title: Politics and Governance and the New Constitution.
Term: 2nd Semester
Session Number:Week 8 & 9 of 18
Topic: Citizenship and Suffrage

Objectives: At the end of the session, the students are expected to:1.determine and identify the nature and circumstance that make a Filipino citizen2. understand the qualifications and disqualifications of the right to suffrage3. explain the nature, scope, and principles underlying the right of individuals to vote 4. acquaint themselves with the principles on citizenship, nature, concepts and legal bases5. know and understand the rights and obligations of citizenship| TEXTBOOKS, REFERNCES, URL’S: * Textbook on the Philippine Constitution. 2011 edition by Hector De Leon * Student Manual on the 1987 Constitution by Jose Nolledo * Primer on the 1987 Constitution by the Officers of the 1986 Constitutional Commission| STUDY GUIDE PROPER: The Meaning of Citizenship and CitizenCitizenship is a term denoting membership of a citizen in a political societyCitizen is a person having the title of citizenshipKinds of Citizens under the Constitution1. Natural-born a. one who at the moment of their birth are already citizens of the Philippinesb. do not have to perform any act to acquire his Philippine citizenship.2. Citizens at the time of the adoption of the new Constitution.They refer to those who are considered citizens of the Philippines under the 1973 Constitution at the time of the adoption of the new Constitution.3. Citizens through election.They refer to those who born of Filipino mothers before January 17, 1973 who upon reaching the age of majority elect Philippine citizenship after the ratification of the 1973 Constitution.4. Naturalized Citizen They refer to those who were originally citizens of another country, but who, by an intervening act have acquired new citizenship in...
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