Pollution and Various Micro Organisms

Topics: Pollution, Water pollution, Air pollution Pages: 4 (1028 words) Published: March 28, 2014
There are mainly following types of pollutions:
1. Air Pollution
2. Water Pollution
3. Chemical Pollution
4. Land Ozone-sphere Pollution
5. Land and Soil Pollution
6. Food Contaminants
7. Noise Pollution
8. Modern Pollutions
1. Air Pollution:
The major component of the biosphere is air with­out which no life can survive (except some lower forms of Bacteria). Without air of good quality there cannot be a healthy life. Yet clean air is a rare commodity today. Air pollution is as old as industrialisation. Discharges from industrial premises to the atmosphere are often more or less continuous during working hours. Polluted air contains solid and liquid particles such as dust carbon, hydrocarbons etc. It may also contain gases which are poisonous or abnoxious in nature-sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitro­gen, hydrocarbon vapours and other substances. The most harmful element is benzopyrene. Sources of Air Pollution:

Firstly, air pollution may arise due to basic needs of individuals which includes domestic fire and domestic incineration which is required for cooking and heating. It is a weak and inevitable source of air pollution. Secondly, air pollution is caused by vehicles such as road vehicles, air craft’s, ships, railways and other combustion engines. With constantly increase in transportation in towns and cities with hot climate; the problem of air pollution is assuming greater importance. No doubt the number of motor vehicles in Indian cities is far less than in cities in the West, the pollution level to almost the same. This is mainly due to lack of mainte­nance of Indian cars and the absence of any effective deterrent to plying such cars on city roads. Thirdly, industry is the principal source of air pollution and it covers all types of units which consume energy in any form. It includes coal, oil, natural gas, electricity or nuclear fission. Dark smoke emitted by industries pollutes the air in large scale. Thermal power plants...
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