Political Paper

Topics: Gang, Councillor, City council Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Political Engagement Paper
On Monday, April 8, I attended the Fairburn City Council meeting. It took place at the Fairburn City Hall around 7 in the evening. The meeting wasn’t anything like I expected. I thought I was going to be the only extra person in the room besides the councilmen. The meeting went by pretty quick. It last no more than thirty minutes. Everything went as stated on the programs that were given to all of us that attended.

When the meeting began, the Fairburn police chief passed out a weekly report sheet to the council. They gave an update on things that are going on the city of Fairburn. The only thing I could hear clearly was that 160 properties were registered in the past month. Someone took the attendance of the council members that were seated at the front of the room. It followed with a prayer to bless everyone in the meeting and the meeting itself, as well as the Pledge of Allegiance. The meeting progressed as one of the council members stated that there were three speakers that day and they each had no more than six minutes to speak. The first person to speak was a man named Andrew Whitmore. He is the HOA (Home Owner Association) president and vice president of the executive board. He addressed the issue he had with the lots in the Brookhaven subdivision. He was upset that the city of Fairburn didn’t ask the Home Owner Association about their view on taking home lots away. He asked questions like, “Who gets the benefit? Where is the partnership of the city and the Home Owner Association?” As his six minutes were coming to an end, he stated, “Investors come and go. We are here for the long run.” After he was done speaking, a council member told him that he would get a statement back in writing. After Andrew, another man whose name I wasn’t able to get addressed his issue. He was upset that there are “wanna-be” gangs moving into his neighborhood. The residents are scared and don’t know whether to address the gang members or not....
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