Political Behavior

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Political Behavior
Every nation exhibits different political behavior. Political behavior depends on the political system adopted by the state and it is through this system that citizens develop political culture and political socialization. Some governments dictate the political culture and socialization of their citizens so that programs and political ideologies can be implemented and structured properly with total support from the people. These types of government usually resort to violence in enforcing reforms and do not tolerate dissent among its people. Though political cultures are dependent on the political system, these are not static. They do change overtime as people acquire new political perspectives based on the experience they developed inside their own political organization or through the political issues encountered by other people in other parts of the world. In the Philippines, political behavior is influenced by many factors and one of the dominant factors is our colonial history. The strong cooperation between the state and the church during the Spanish era left a remarkable deep seated belief to Catholicism that affects our political culture and socialization. Even our political perspectives are attached to the doctrine of Catholicism. The political arena is combined with religious affiliation and political affiliation. The other influence of political behavior which shaped our political culture and socialization is the system introduced by the American government. The republican ideology adopted by the Philippines during the American regime help developed our concepts of what a government should be, its political process and the political participation of people. After the independence, we struggled to keep the ideals of American political behavior but the successions of political leaders have changed or altered our acquired political values. This module will discuss political culture and socialization, its levels and classifications and agents of political socialization. Political behavior

Political behavior explains the influences that define the political participation, political views and ideology of a person or group of people in a society. Political behavior is heavily dependent on the political system which in return shapes the political culture and socialization. Political culture

Political culture can be defined as the orientation of the citizens of a nation toward politics, and their perceptions of political legitimacy and the traditions of political practice. In addition, political culture is a public attitude which defines the level of role of the individual within the political system. How the people recognize the importance of participation in the political process will greatly affect the political system. Three levels of political culture  

1. System level – attitudes towards the organization of the system       Examples:
     National pride, national identity and legitimacy of government 2. Process level – what the public expects from the political process Examples:
Principles of government, role of citizens, perceptions of political rights   The level of involvement of the citizens in the political process. How citizens view their political roles. Types of political culture

1. Participant – citizens are involved in the actual political process and because of their active participation they are able to influence the government in various ways. 2. Subject – citizens are passively involved in the operation of government and because of passive involvement there is little scope for dissent. 3. Parochial – citizens are not aware or hardly aware of government and its policies and live regardless of the decisions taken by the state. 3. Policy level – attitudes and expectations towards policy and implementation Examples:

Role of government and government policy priorities
1. Cultural congruence – it rests on the idea that political system...
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